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Powerful CRM

A FREE CRM platform built exclusively for insurance and financial professionals. Automate workflows saving time and money.

Modern Communications

Unleash the speed of mobile and social media communications instantly. Communicate more effectively than ever before.

Integrated Prospecting

On-demand lead flow from multiple sources. Never worry where your next prospect is coming from.

Carrier Access

Top commissions available from over 500 carriers for both life & health and property & casualty lines. Access is optional, on demand and no contracting is required to use our software.

Case Studies

Streamlined Communication

John, an independent agent, would like to notify all of his network in a particular city that he’ll be in the area next week. He’d like to communicate with his prospects that he’s available if they’d like to schedule a meeting. He’d like to communicate to his existing clients that he’s available for policy reviews or to answer questions. And, he’d like to communicate with his social media following that he’ll be in the area as well. Odds are that John won’t communicate with anyone because he simply doesn’t have the time.

But, thanks to RetireCo, John can sort his contacts by city, then by status, and send each of them a personalized text, e-mail and social media message in a matter of minutes all from one dashboard.

John doesn’t need to login to his email, doesn’t need to type up a text on his smartphone, or search through his social media profiles.

Automated Policy Management

Steve, a captive agent, has a lot of policies coming up for renewal and he’d like to communicate with his customers more efficiently.

Rather than spend time each week looking up each policy and reaching out individually, Steve creates an automated workflow using RetireCo's CRM that tracks all of his policies and automatically communicates with his customers.

A few weeks before renewal a series of text messages and e-mail messages are sent out about the upcoming renewal. And, for his “top customers” he also schedules a 2 page letter and postage paid reply card to be mailed out. Steve never misses a communication or a renewal and has no worries.

Branding in Minutes

Jennifer, an independent agent, is struggling to effectively market in her community and doesn’t have the resources to develop her own brand presence. Her budget doesn’t allow her to hire professionals and her skill set isn’t up to the task. Unfortunately, even if she did have the money and the skills, she simply doesn’t have the time to run her agency and market her brand at the same time.

At RetireCo, she has two options. She can quickly and easily add a custom website, professional Facebook page, custom e-newsletters and powerful communications using her own logo and color scheme. Or, she can unlock the power of RetireCo’s national brand and have instant access to a full business-in-a-box on par with some of the nation’s leading brands.

Integrated Lead Sources

Susan is a new insurance agent seeking consistent leads and opportunities. Her budget is slim and she needs activity every single day to stay busy.

Rather than take her chances on expensive leads, she chooses to utilize RetireCo’s monthly Lead Subscriptions .

Susan receives a never ending list of prospects in her area and has all of the tools she needs to communicate with them fast and effectively. Thanks to a steady flow of leads she has hundreds of people to reach out to each month and the compounding effect of this activity allows her to stay busy while she grows her agency.

Integrated Quoting/Carrier Access

Joe, an independent agent, can’t find a good life insurance product for his client from the limited number of carriers he is appointed with. Rather than go carrier-to-carrier and try to get quotes, he turns to RetireCo, where he has several options.

He can request a quote and let RetireCo’s expert team do the work. He can log in and run a quick quote himself. Or he can call our dedicated product specific team and ask for support. Thanks to RetireCo’s institutional grade contracting, Joe is able to obtain life insurance quotes from hundreds of companies prior to having a carrier appointment.

Joe can now rest assured that he’s doing what’s best for his clients and has the option to add a carrier appointment in minutes from his dashboard.

Your Entire Business

Nathan, an independent agent, is getting older and thinking about retiring and selling his book of business. Unfortunately he has never organized his database and is running his business on paper and simply what is in his mind. He knows he won't be able to get what he deserves for his years of hard work in this format, but isn't sure where to turn.

Determined to make the most of his business, Nathan uploads his customers and prospects into the RetireCo CRM, where he is able to easily add policy files and information for his customers. And, going forward he elects to write business using RetireCo's products and partners so that everything stays in order.

Not only has running his business gotten so much easier, that maybe retirement can wait a while. But, when it's time to sell his practice, Nathan knows that he can get a fair value for his book and make sure the transition is seamless.

Who Uses the RetireCo Platform...

Independent Agents

"RetireCo lets me run my business more effectively and efficiently. The platform allows me to do what I do best, focus on selling more products."

Captive Agents

"RetireCo gave me the abiltiy to enhance communications with clients and prospects instantly. I was also able to leverage RetireCo for non-competing product lines, which really helped me grow my revenue."

Financial Advisors

"I've finally been able to simplify my communication strategies with RetireCo's proven tools and automated solutions. This is exactly what I needed to add mobile and social media to my practice."

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